Is It Actually Time to Pull the Plug?

With a range of anxieties looming large, it is time to add one more to the list!

Range anxiety (pun unintended!) is the fear of the electric vehicle’s battery, running out of power. With electric cars zooming past in the market, it was natural to have a breakthrough idea of dynamic charging, which refers to the charging of an electric vehicle, on the move, without the necessity of charging stations. However, the idea is futuristic. What is in the loop is wireless charging. Currently, Plugless Power, which is a brand of EVATRAN, is the only company that supplies wireless charging systems, but for the aftermarket. The company plans to enter the OEM market in China and has already signed a deal with a Chinese manufacturer. Companies like Qualcomm, Witricity, Bombardier, Momentum Dynamics, etc. are still in the nascent stage with respect to the market and claim to launch their products for OEMs in 2018.

An India-based market research consultancy elaborates on the trends in the global wireless charging for the electric vehicles market. According to estimates, the market is poised to grow at a rate of 43.6% in the coming five years.

Bid adieu to the painful wired charging and welcome the new tech in town -all it needs is a strategically located station and a charging pad, to infuse life into cars, again.

In all its simplicity, the components required are a pad on the ground, and a receiver mounted on the underside of a vehicle. Inductive charging is used in the EVATRAN wireless system. A magnetic field is created by running electricity through a coil. One coil is placed on the ground and the other is attached to the vehicle’s underside. The second coil that is placed on the ground, must be connected to a power source and is weatherproofed for outdoor use.

Technology giants like Qualcomm have forayed into wireless charging for the electric vehicles market, with the Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology.

How is the technology going to affect the market?

The electric vehicles market is expected to witness a surge in sales. Also, an increase in electric car ownership is expected, owing to the ease of charging. This, in turn, is expected to increase the demand for infrastructure manufacturers of wireless charging systems. However, the demand for conventional cars is expected to take a beating, with the advent of wireless charging for electric vehicles.

Now, here is the bright spot for investors – The market is expected observe steep growth by 2018, owing to many company-related activities or product launches due in that particular year. Also, the market is anticipated to increase rapidly, due to rise in awareness about global warming issues, depletion of fossil fuel levels, etc. This is a future market, which is poised to reach its peak by 2022-2025. Now, isn’t it a golden opportunity for investors to pitch in and do their bit for the environment as well?

Brace yourselves for the next big thing!

Reasons To Purchase a Datsun Go

When it’s time to purchase a vehicle that boasts unique specifications, then you should think about Datsun Go. Surely, you would be up for a new adventure even if you have set your own boundaries.

A Stylish Design
With a robust body, Datsun Go sports a bold design with distinct headlights and appealing arches. The dynamic shoulder lines set the vehicle apart from every other model available in the market. Curvy fenders situated towards the front end add a touch of elegance owning through its three-dimensional silhouette. Not just that, the D-cut Grille is something that you and your occupants would admire. Not only does it feature a honeycomb-style design but also a chrome finish around the DATSUN logo. As for the windscreen wipers, the car automatically selects the interval in INT mode as the vehicle speed varies. Soon after the wiper comes to a standstill, the Wipe-and-Washer functionality wipes the screen dry within 3 seconds.

Amazing Interiors
You actually have to thank Datsun Go’s cabin length. While sufficient knee space gives the liberty to recline in a comfortable position, the cushioned seats offer luxury for long distance trips. With advanced technology, the front seats adapt to the natural spine curve and thereby keep the passenger relaxed and alert. You can also take advantage of boot space as much as 265L, which can easily accommodate a cooler box, luggage and different kind of equipment on the go. Moreover, the driver-side airbag along with the seat belt reduces the impact during a front-end crash. Ample overhead space also adds on to a ride that you would always remember.

The interiors are sure to make other jealous because it adds on to a memorable journey. The 360 degrees air vents help towards better airflow control while the driver can gain control through the Mobile Docking System (MDS). The passenger side storage area offers a good amount of space to stash away belongings. Moreover, the blue colored print meter boosts visibility when you’re controlling the car most of the times. For sure, the vehicle speaks more about innovation through the ergonomic door handles and elegant design complemented by accents of silver. Despite the features, you can drive away with the model at the best Datsun Go Ex showroom price.

Remarkable Performance
The Datsun Go uses cutting-edge technology to govern everything on road. The model comes with a 1.2-liter engine that uses a technology for delivering maximum power and torque. The built-in system adjusts the power according to the speed registered on the dashboard. But, when the driver slows down the vehicle, the system offers help and eases out the effort of parking the car. At higher speed, Datsun Go can easily be controlled through the electric power steering. Greater agility can be expected due to the double-pivot front arm while high-response dampers absorb the tension or rough pathways. For a secure halt, the vehicle is armed with ventilated disc brakes set up towards the front. With the gear shift guide, the ideal speed enables the individual to change gears for maximum performance. Unlike other models, the vehicle can take a turn within a short radius. The car is a class apart because it comes with a fuel economy along with consumption of 5.2 liters for 100 kilometers. As compared to other automobiles, you won’t have to pay more as the model is tagged with the Datsun Go on road price.